Shingles vaccine

If you’ve had the chicken pox as a child, you are at risk for getting shingles in the future.  The risk of getting shingles increases as you get older.  There is a shingles vaccine available for those 50 years and older called Zostavax.  Zostavax can decrease the chance of getting shingles.  Some people may still get shingles but they usually find that the intensity and duration of pain is reduced.

The shingles vaccine is a single shot with no required boosters.  People with certain immune system disorders or are taking medications that lower their immune system may not be able to get the vaccine.  To find out more if the shingles vaccine is right for you, make an appointment at Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy in Airdrie.  One of our pharmacists knowledgeable in vaccines will sit down with you and help determine if you are a good candidate.  If you are, they can prescribe it for you and administer the vaccine at the same appointment.  We keep Zostavax in stock all the time so there should be no need to come back later for a shipement to arrive.   No additional trips for a separate injection appointment or waiting for a shipment to arrive.  Most people are in and out from the appointment in about half an hour.

The cost of the shingles vaccine is $195.  We can direct bill most drug plans, so if you have a drug card, bring it to your appointment.  We can check to see if Zostavax is covered on your plan and how much they will pay.  Please note the regular Alberta Blue Cross seniors drug plan does not cover Zostavax, but many work or extended benefits plans do.  There are no additional consultation or injection fees for the shingles vaccine if it’s prescribed at our clinic.

To request an appointment, go to our book appointment page or call 403-980-TRIP (8747).