Rabies vaccine series for total price of $250

Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy in Airdrie is now offering intradermal rabies vaccinations, which is a lower cost yet effective option to provide rabies immunity.  We can provide all three doses with injection fees included for a cost of $250 paid prior to first appointment.

This method for giving rabies vaccine is supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the Canadian Immunization Guide.

Interested patients will be added to our waiting list, which has no fee or obligation attached.  To offer this program we need to have at least 6 people booked at the same time.  Once we are able to arrange a time that works for enough people on the list, we will arrange a schedule to accommodate all three doses (day 0, day 7, day 21).

If you have any questions about intradermal rabies, feel free to contact us and we can provide more information.

UPDATE MAY 25, 2017:  There is a shortage of rabies vaccine, but we still have supply.