Polaris update for fall 2020 – COVID tests and flu shots

We haven’t posted much for updates for a while, so as we get into the fall, it’s probably a good time to give an update regarding Polaris. We are happy to announce we have returned to our usual Tuesday to Saturday schedule again!

Thanks to everyone who has reached out over the last months. Without travel, our primary focus pretty much vanished overnight for an indefinite period of time. This is a huge challenge for us, but we have filled the void with other services While we still see an occasional person who is travelling (mostly for work), we have been doing a lot of non-travel vaccinations including TB tests and vaccines for students in college or universities. We are also doing booster doses, shingles and pneumonia vaccinations, pertussis boosters in pregnancy and yellow fever vaccine is back in stock if you want to plan for future travel.

Flu vaccine season starts October 19. We will be doing community and workplace flu clinics again this year. If you are interested in having us come and do flu shots, contact us at 403-980-8747. Our website will have updates soon with more information.

We are also now offering COVID testing for people with no symptoms. You can book a COVID test online with our new online booking tool. Check it out here. We will be using this scheduler for our flu shots as well.

And what about a COVID vaccine? We are following the information that has been coming out in clinical trials and in the news. My expectation is we could see an approval of a vaccine in late 2020, but we won’t have anything in our hands until sometimes in 2021.

That’s it for now. More flu updates will be coming soon. Stay safe, and if possible, try to support local businesses.