Non Travel Services

Medication Reviews

The Alberta government started a program in July 2012 which enables pharmacists to perform medication reviews to eligible Albertans as a benefit of the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.  These reviews are designed to help Albertans better understand and manage their medications and medical conditions.
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Non-travel vaccinations

We can prescribe and adminster non-travel vaccines such as tetanus, shingles (Zostavax), HPV (Gardasil), or pneumococcal.  You do not need to book a travel consultation for this type of appointment.  In fact, there is typically no additional fee for these vaccines except the actual price of the medication.  Contact us for more information.

Injection Services

We can provide injections for other non-travel medications.  We can even administer injectable medications that were filled at another pharmacy.  Often we can provide this service at no charge, depending on the medication.  Call and ask us for more information.

Stop Smoking Appointments

Sit down with one of our pharmacists that is knowledgeable in the latest strategies to quit smoking, including medications and non-medication methods.  Read more…