New Business Profile: Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy

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Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy
#404 – 191 Edwards Way SW
Airdrie, AB

Owner/Manager: Jason Kmet

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Owner and Pharmacist Jason Kmet

When did your business open?
January 2013

What products / services do you offer?
We focus on keeping travelers safe and healthy while on their trip. We provide pre-travel health consultations and education. We offer vaccinations, travel related prescription and non-prescription medications, and travel related retail products such as mosquito nets and water purification tablets.

Who is your target market?
People who are travelling whether they are going to an all-inclusive resort, cruise, school trip, relief/missionary work, adventure travel or a business trip.

What makes your business unique?
We are licensed as a pharmacy but we don’t look anything like a typical drugstore.  Our clinic is set up more like a doctor’s office.  We are the only business in Airdrie that focuses on travel health. As far as we know, there is no other pharmacy in Alberta or even Canada set up like ours.

Number of employees: 4

Tell us about yourself:
I am a licensed pharmacist and avid traveler. I am one of only a couple hundred pharmacists in Alberta who have been granted Additional Prescribing Authority which allows me to operate this type of business.

I am passionate about educating travelers and providing quality health consultations that go beyond what is currently available to consumers. I believe the opportunity I’ve seized with this business concept has huge potential.

Why did you choose to open your business in Airdrie?
There’s a need for more health care services in Airdrie in general. There was nobody providing this type of service on a regular basis in the city. Many people in the area travel, so it seemed like a good fit.

What are your growth plans? 
We would like to make businesses aware that we can provide travel and non-travel immunizations for their employees.

We would also like to get involved in a new program set up by Alberta Health. This program enables people who are taking five or more prescriptions to sit down with a pharmacist to ensure they are getting the best benefit from their medications. This is provided with no cost to the patient.

What is your favourite thing about owning a business?
I enjoy the freedom that enables you to transform your vision into reality.

What is the biggest challenge or opportunity you face as a busines owner?
There’s never enough time to follow through on every idea immediately, so it’s important to prioritize. It’s a challenge to stay focused on your top priorities.