Looking for an alternative medication for nausea?  At Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy in Airdrie, we have an effective medication for nausea that does not contain dimenhydrinate (the active ingredient of Gravol).

Meclizine is a medicine that has been used for nausea for years.  A couple of notable differences is that you do not have to take it quite as frequently as dimenhydrinate and it has a lesser risk of causing drowsiness.  It was available in Canada in a tablet form under the brand name of Bonamine, but it was discontinued by the manufacturer a few years back.   It is still available for purchase in the United States under such brand names as Bonine.

Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy is able to get meclizine in a capsule format.  We purchase it from a Canadian compounding pharmacy that specializes in making medications that are no longer available from the pharmaceutical companies.  We stock the 25mg capsules.  The cost is $9.99 for 10 capsules.

To purchase meclizine, stop by our clinic and ask us for it.  Our pharmacist will explain it to you in a bit more detail.  Meclizine does not require a prescription.