Measles vaccine available at Polaris Travel Clinic in Airdrie

With the recent measles outbreaks, we have been getting a lot of questions about measles vaccinations. Our clinic in Airdrie can provide MMR vaccinations. The cost is $54, which may be covered on your private drug plan which we can directly bill. If you call and ask for a priority measles appointment we usually can offer you an appointment time within 24 hours. Please note that some people may be eligible to get a dose for no charge from AHS Public Health, which is located in the same building as Airdrie Urgent Care on Main Street.

A few notes about recommendations who should receive measles vaccines. From
• Adults without contraindications, born in 1970 or later, who do not have documented evidence of receiving measles-containing vaccine on or after their first birthday, or laboratory evidence of immunity, or a history of laboratory-confirmed measles infection, should be immunized with one dose of MMR vaccine.
• Non-immune health care workers and military personnel: should be immunized with two doses of MMR vaccine at least 4 weeks apart regardless of year of birth.
• Students and travellers born in 1970 or later should be immunized with two doses of MMR vaccine.
• MMR and MMRV vaccines should generally not be given during pregnancy because of the theoretical risk of disease transmission to the fetus.
• Immunocompromised persons should not receive live vaccines because of the risk of disease caused by the vaccine strains.