Measles outbreak at Disneyland

MMR vaccine available at Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy in Airdrie.

A recent measles outbreak has been traced back to Disneyland in California.  There have been 70 reported cases so far.  California state officials have advised if you have not been vaccinated for measles that you should consider avoiding the theme park for now.

Alberta Health Services does offer two doses of MMR vaccine to children as part of the public vaccine program, usually given at 1 year and at 4-6 years of age. Some adults may qualify for public health MMR vaccinations as well.  But if a patient does not qualify, or is unable to make an appointment with public health, we have MMR vaccine at Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy.

The cost of the MMR vaccine is at Polaris is $50.  If the patient has a drug benefit plan, we will attempt to bill the vaccine through that plan directly.  That may result in cost savings for the patient.  There is no consultation or injection fee for patients requesting MMR vaccination.  One of our pharmacists with knowledge regarding vaccines will assess the need for the vaccine and then prescribe it if appropriate.  The MMR is then available for injection.  The appointment takes about 30 minutes.

Polaris currently has appointment available within a day or two.  Contact by phone at 403-980-TRIP (8747) or use our Appointment Request Form online.