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Medication Review Home Visits

Are you taking 3 or more prescription medications? Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy now offers a pharmacist home visit service. One of our pharmacists will come to your home and do a medication review at no charge to you.

How does a medication review work?

  • One of our pharmacists will sit down with you for a one-on-one uninterrupted meeting. An appointment will take between 30 to 60 minutes. During this time they will:
  • Assess your current medication and past medication history
  • Confirm that you understand why you are taking each medication and the correct way to take it
  • Identify any existing or possible drug therapy problems
  • Determine the goals of therapy for each medication
  • Identify possible interventions to manage any existing or possible drug therapy problems
  • Create a care plan to help resolve any possible drug related problems and help you achieve the goals of therapy
  • Develop a follow up plan to ensure that issues discussed at the appointment are dealt with

We will document the details of the appointment and notify your family physician and other health care providers about the plan discussed.

Who pays for this?
The Alberta government started a program in July 2012 which enables pharmacists to perform medication reviews to eligible Albertans as a benefit of the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. These reviews are designed to help Albertans better understand and manage their medications and medical conditions.

Keep filling your prescriptions at your regular pharmacy!
Please note that while we have pharmacists available to perform these medication reviews and assessments, we are not interested in taking over filling your prescriptions from your existing pharmacy. At Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy, we are focused on providing pharmacist clinical services and mostly limit our dispensing of medications to travel related ones.

Can I come to your clinic and have the medication review done there?
Sure! Over the course of a week we probably have more appointment availability at our clinic site. Specify what type of appointment you want when you are booking.

How do I book an appointment?
For more information, please do not hesitate to contact us via email at info@polaristravelclinic.ca or call us at 403-980-TRIP (8747). You can also fill out the appointment request form below:

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