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Group travel health consultations

Are you organizing a trip overseas?  If one or more members of your group develop travel health issues, you may encounter problems such as a disruption to your schedule and having to spend time organizing emergency medical treatment.  This can be quite difficult in remote locations. There is also the potential risk of the illness spreading to the whole group.

As the leader for a school or church group, a sports team, a guided tour, or a business trip, you should plan to ensure your group or team receives accurate information on any travel health, safety and security risks that they may encounter while overseas. This information should include advice on appropriate travel vaccinations and medications.

Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy can provide travel health practitioners to advise your group with up to date advice about travel health and safety issues. Information will be tailored to your itinerary.  Our travel health providers are available to come to a location of your choice in the Airdrie area or in the city of Calgary.

A group pre-travel consultation means that all travellers receive consistent advice.  Every individual traveller ultimately needs to take responsibility for their own health and what measures they will take before their trip.  Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy will help provide appropriate information so an informed choice about personal travel health risks can be made by each traveller.

How does a group travel health consultation work?

Our travel health practitioner will provide advice to help keep the group members healthy and safe.  Some of the information in the group presentation will include general measures such as how to minimize jet lag and tips to avoid eating foods that increase your risk of getting sick.  Some information will be specific to the destination including issues like potential risk of malaria or other tropical diseases.  The group presentation will include have a question and answer session.

After the general presentation, we can refine our recommendations for each individual based on their specific medical history.  These individual appointments may be able to be done after the group presentation or can be scheduled at our clinic at a later date.   At these individual appointments a plan can be made regarding specific vaccinations and prescription medications that may be required for that individual.

We are willing to work with you to accommodate individual group requirements.  For more information, contact us by filling in the form below or call 403-980-TRIP (8747).

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