Grad trip

Save 33% off appointment fee if you book by April 11!

Are you going on a grad trip to a warm weather resort?  Make sure you maximize the fun.  Book an appointment with Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy for a grad trip resort consultation.  At the appointment, our travel health pharmacist will make a personalized plan to keep you safe and healthy on your trip.

Concerned about traveller’s diarrhea affecting your trip?  We usually prescribe antibiotics to take with you on the trip.  If you get bad diarrhea, you can start the antibiotics and feel better very quickly.  We can also prescribe Dukoral, which you take before your trip to help reduce the risk of getting diarrhea in the first place.

We will also evaluate whether you should get any vaccinations before going on the trip, such as hepatitis A vaccine, which is not given through the usual school/public health vaccination program.  Hepatitis B vaccines are usually given in Grade 5, so often we do not need to give a combination hepatitis A and B vaccine such as Twinrix.  At your appointment, we will go through this to ensure you only get the vaccinations you need.

Book a grad trip travel health appointment now and save 33% off the appointment fee!  Mention you want to book the grad trip special, and the appointment fee will be reduced from $45 to $30.  You need to book your appointment by April 11 to save.

An appointment will usually take between 45 minutes to an hour.  Appointments need to be booked by April 11, but the actual appointment can be after April 11 if requested.  Cost of vaccines and medications are not included in the appointment fee.  Our clinic can directly bill drug plans.  Use our online appointment request form or call our clinic and 403-980-TRIP (8747) for more information.