Flu shots still available at Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy

Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy has flu vaccine available as of Wednesday, January 8.  You can book an appointment by calling 403-980-TRIP (8747).   You can also drop in to our clinic at 191 Edwards Way SW without an appointment, but you will have to wait for an available time around the existing booked appointments. The clinic will open at noon on Wednesday, January 8.

To get the most recent updates regarding  drop in wait times and vaccine supply, follow us on Twitter @polaristravelrx or check our Facebook page.

We currently have both the injectible and nasal spray form of the flu vaccine.  Please note we are only able to provide flu vaccinations to children 9 years and older.  Children 8 and under have to be vaccinated by public health or at a mass flu clinic.