Flu shots in Airdrie for businesses


Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy will be offering workplace influenza vaccinations for businesses in the Airdrie area starting in late October.  Save time and don’t wait in line!

Promote wellness in the workplace and make it easier for employees to get vaccinated by scheduling a flu clinic.   Most people that get the flu will not be as productive and are likely to miss some days of work entirely.  Reduce costs associated with sick time and overtime, and avoid the scramble to find healthy available staff during the busy pre-Christmas time.

We are offering two options to set up a flu clinic for your business:

OPTION #1 – Bring a flu shot clinic to your workplace

We can schedule a time to come out to your place of work and provide flu shots to your staff.  This convenient method increases the likelihood getting staff vaccinated that might not ordinarily do so.  It also enables your staff to get vaccinated easily without leaving work and having to wait in line at a mass flu clinic.  Check with us regarding costs associated with these clinics.

OPTION #2 – Have your staff come to our clinic for FREE flu shots

We can vaccinate your staff for free if they come to our clinic in person with their Alberta Health Care card. Because of our agreement with Alberta Health regarding flu shots, we cannot bill the government if we come to your workplace.  But if your staff come over to our location, we are able to bill our administration fee to the government.  We can block off a window of time where your staff will be prioritized to ensure waits are minimal.

We are booking times starting at October 19, 2020.  For more information, fill out the information below.  For more info about our corporate services, click on “Business Travel” on our website.

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