Destination Weddings

Make sure you stay healthy and do not miss a minute of the wedding activities.  Book an appointment with Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy and their travel health professionals.  They can create an advance plan so you can keep your focus on the good times of the trip.  It’s hard to make great memories when you are stuck in the bathroom for an afternoon with diarrhea for example.  Even if you plan to stay mostly on the resort, there are some health measures to consider.

We advise booking an appointment about 6-8 weeks before your trip.  During this consultation, we will develop a personalized strategy to help prevent you from getting sick.  We’ll also tell you how to treat yourself quickly and effectively if it does happen.  For example, we typically prescribe most patients an antibiotic to treat diarrhea if they get it.  However, different antibiotics might be more effective and appropriate for different people, even if they are going to the same location.

Most warm weather destinations have some additional vaccination recommendations.  Do you need Twinrix or maybe only the hepatitis A vaccine?  We can help you answer these questions.  We can also provide recommendations for other conditions that can negatively affect your trip from jet lag to sunburn to seasickness.

Our clinic is a one stop travel health destination.  We can perform the consultation, administer the vaccines, fill the prescriptions, and also carry useful non-prescription travel medicines.

Whether you are getting married, in the wedding party, a family member, or a guest, avoid a disruption to your schedule and the possibility of spreading your illness to the whole group.  Contact Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy at 403-980-TRIP (8747) or visit our website