Contest looking for Airdrie’s oldest expired medication


Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy in Airdrie is looking for the oldest expired medication in Airdrie and is offering a $25 gift card from the Chopped Leaf to the winner.  This contest is a part of our program to encourage the public to properly dispose of expired medications.  As part of this program, Polaris will be accepting any expired or unneeded medications that are dropped off at our location and sending them to be properly disposed.

Why? Protect your family and the environment!

Unneeded or expired medications are a safety risk in the home, particularly for children and pets.  Old medications may not work properly or may become toxic if expired or stored at the wrong temperature or humidity levels.

Flushing unused medications down the toilet or sink may contaminate our water system.

Polaris will accept all unused medications for disposal free of charge.  If you think you have an expired medication that might be a contest winner, let us know at drop off.  The contest will close at 5pm on Friday, June 24.

Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy is Airdrie’s travel health clinic.  They focus on keeping you safe and healthy when you travel, no matter where your destination.  They provide pre-travel health consultations, vaccinations, travel related prescription and non-prescription medications, and travel related retail products such as mosquito nets and water purification tablets.

Polaris also provides vaccinations for workplaces, including Hepatitis A vaccines for restaurant workers and tetanus vaccines for those who are at high risk of cuts and exposure to metal and soil.

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