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New malaria vaccine approved, but probably not for Canadians

Today European regulators declared that the malaria vaccine Mosquirix is safe and effective in preventing malaria in small children.  This is the first malaria vaccine that has ever received this approval.  Will we see this vaccine in Canadian travel clinics anytime soon?  That seems to be very unlikely. Why won’t we see this vaccine in Continue Reading
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Grad trip

Save 33% off appointment fee if you book by April 11! Are you going on a grad trip to a warm weather resort?  Make sure you maximize the fun.  Book an appointment with Polaris Travel Clinic and Pharmacy for a grad trip resort consultation.  At the appointment, our travel health pharmacist will make a personalized Continue Reading
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Is Dukoral worth taking before my trip?

We’ve seen a massive advertisement campaign from the makers of Dukoral during this busy travel season.  These ads have definitely done a good job to get the conversation going about traveller’s diarrhea.  And this conversation is an important one.  Traveller’s diarrhea is one of the most likely health problems you may run into when going overseas. Continue Reading
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