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If you are available for a short notice appointment (at the end of the day if we have an extra dose), make sure to indicate this in the form.  

COVID vaccines – updated September 15, 2021

We have Pfizer COVID vaccines in stock and arriving on a weekly basis. 

First and second doses: available for any Albertan 12 years of age and older

Third doses:

Individuals who are immunocompromised can get a third dose as long as it has been 8 weeks since they received their second dose. The following medical conditions qualify:
  • solid organ transplant and stem cell transplants recipients
  • individuals with cancers (hematological or solid tumors) undergoing treatment
  • individuals on anti-CD20 monoclonal antibodies
  • individuals with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.
Individuals who did not receive 2 doses of the same mRNA vaccine and may face travel restrictions can receive additional doses of vaccine.
  • #1 AstraZeneca + #2 Pfizer = #3 Pfizer at least 28 days after #2
  • #1 AstraZeneca + #2 Moderna = #3 Moderna at least 28 days after #2
  • #1 Pfizer + #2 Moderna = #3 Moderna at least 28 days after #2
  • #1 Moderna + #2 Pfizer = #3 Pfizer at least 28 days after #2
  • #1 AstraZeneca + #2 AstraZeneca = #3 Pfizer or Moderna at least 28 days after #2 then #4 same brand as #3 at least 28 days after #3

Booking an appointment

We can get you in for a first, second or third dose within 24 hours.  

First dose:

Second dose:

Third dose:

We will be putting regular updates on our Facebook and Twitter pages.  If you have any additional questions, feel free to contact us.


Flu shots will begin on October 18.  Sign up for our wait list, and we will send you a link to book your time:

Flu vaccine (under 65):

Flu vaccine (65 and over):

We will have some Flumist available this year.  It is not part of the provincial flu program so there is a cost of $40 per person.  We can bill private drug plans that may pay for part of it.  

Flumist wait list:


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