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Jet lag tips

Travelling across time zones is exciting … and exhausting. Jet lag is the term used to describe the symptoms associated with a lack of sleep that is caused by travelling across more than 3 time zones. Travelling across these time zones causes a disconnect between your body’s normal sleep/wake cycle and the time at your Continue Reading
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Culture Shock

Have you ever considered living in another country? Whether its teaching English abroad for a year or permanently moving back to live with family or retiring somewhere warmer than Canada, moving to another country can pose some difficulties. Any move can be stressful, and moving to another country with a different culture can be even Continue Reading
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How to mix up Dukoral

Here’s a video we made that gives some background information and how to mix up a dose of Dukoral. If you are looking for some additional information about whether Dukoral is right for you, check out this blog post: Is Dukoral Worth Taking Before My Trip?
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